Arkansans Organizing 4 Justice
About Us

AOJ is currently in the process of building a statewide network of people who are concerned about the issue of people serving harsh sentences, some who have no chance for release.  We need people who are willing to take action to change policies/practices to create a less expensive criminal justice system that still protects public safety, but in a reasonable and cost effective way.

Some of the targets of AOJ include:

  • Educate the public and policymakers of the human and financial  impact of warehousing inmates with unreasonably long sentences. 
  • Advocate for revision in policy that will allow the Parole Board to change the terms of confinement for persons serving life, life without parole or other long term  sentences (i.e. 70% rule, etc)
  • Examine cases to see whether sentences were applied fairly and whether policies should be changed to determine if a life sentence is warranted.
  • Encourage the Governor to use his power of clemency where appropriate.
  • Work with other individuals and advocacy groups to reform our state’s criminal justice.