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1. T  F   The prison population is rising because more people are committing crimes.

2. T  F   A life sentence in Arkansas is parole eligible after 20 years.

3. T  F   Parole and clemency are the same thing and is granted by the Parole Board. 

4. T  F   Clemency can be removed from the Governor and put in the Board’s hand.

5. T  F   Sentencing guidelines have “fixed” the disparity in sentencing for the same crime.

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1. False   Longer prison terms under hard sentencing policies have fueled the prison population – policies such as 70% and no parole for lifers.

2. False    A life sentence in Arkansas does not have a parole date.  It must be commuted to a term of years by the Governor.

3. False   Parole may be granted by the Parole Board.  Clemency can only be granted by the Governor.

4. False   According to the Arkansas Constitution Article 6 -18, clemency is solely under the power of the Governor.

5. False   A prosecutor’s “discretion” to decide whether and what charge to bring is a major contributor to the disparity in sentencing.