Arkansans Organizing 4 Justice

An Act

AOJ advocates for legislative enactment that will accomplish the following:

 An Act that will establish power with the Parole Board to release  rehabilitated “long termers” without affecting or repealing the Constitution of Arkansas.

 An Act that will allow Arkansas to be a state with laws more uniform with the majority of other states, and to focus on the re-integration of offenders who have demonstrated successful rehabilitation efforts.

An Act that specifies the following:

To consider parole for persons sentenced to life imprisonment, after serving 20/25 years of his/her sentence.

 To allow the Parole Board to consider parole/release dates for persons sentenced under the 70%, 100% rule after serving 15/20 years of his/her sentence.

To review persons serving life without parole for a possible release date after serving 25/30 years of his/her sentence.

Proposed Draft Excerpt

Sample Letter